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 KARTEL(aka gaza/jerkylol) versus MAVADO(aka gullyside/barber bwoy)

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KARTEL(aka gaza/jerkylol) versus MAVADO(aka gullyside/barber bwoy) Empty
PostSubject: KARTEL(aka gaza/jerkylol) versus MAVADO(aka gullyside/barber bwoy)   KARTEL(aka gaza/jerkylol) versus MAVADO(aka gullyside/barber bwoy) EmptyWed Jan 14, 2009 11:56 pm

ye so....STING 08 clash btw those 2 was so highly anticipated.....those ppl jus waste dem money...they shud ave been smart like myself and waited for it to buss on youtube!!!
ye...so that clash was not a clash @ all!!!!
i mean durin a clash ..u supposed to spit ur lyrics while the rival listens and vice versa.dat neva happen at all. vado was interruptin evrytime kartel a try do him thing.
also ..there is to be an unbiased band. u c how they sabotaged kartel by playin the music so loudly?
aaannnd u fi kno how fi freestyle....and dont repeat one song two time(singing....doooeee ruunn...lawl!)
helllloo....u nuh fi run offa stage...like c'mon man!!!seriously wth??
yes by now u have figured i think that kartel won.heheheh but ye props to mavado for the last line styllz..but overall i ave to give it 2 gaza cuz i mean that man gotssss lyrics like wow...his metaphors r the sickest thing!!LOL
yes...a clash shud be for a neutral audience or sumbody who thinks practically..ya kno?
Cuz if u a die hard vado fan then obviously u gonna say is vado...&if u a gaza fann then duhhh u gonna say he won(whch he did ..lol)
It has to be a person who is neither a fan of them or sumthin like that.
personally my artiste is aidonia...i listen to both gaza and gully but i dont reeli too bizniz bout either 1..so i think im being fair when i say kartel won.but if u think otherwise..thats ok i gues...hell...ppl all a seh is LAING win!!hahahah
pics have emerged of the two and i can i tell i LMAO'd for days!!! jerky and barber pics...dem maddddd. i think u can jus google dem now... afro
i would reeli want them to do a re match cuz sting 08 ended on a sour note...soo...yah
anyhoo tell me wat ur views are on this... Question Question
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KARTEL(aka gaza/jerkylol) versus MAVADO(aka gullyside/barber bwoy)
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